Are you ready to release your baggage?

Are you stuck, in pain, or unhappy? I know what that’s like because I’ve had my own share of hardships in life. It makes me sad to see people suffering. And that’s what drives me to ease other people’s pain.

Being a nurse gave me a place to channel my desire to help. But being an energy practitioner gives me even more tools to heal. And my empathetic, intuitive nature assists me as I work with those who have health problems, depression and anxiety, or want to create changes in their lives.

Emotional energies can accumulate and cause disruption and pain in your present or future. My goal is to “clear the stuff” from your past to help you feel better, freer and happier.

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Allison Johnson, RN, CECP/CBCP
Energy Practitioner


Release Work frees you from emotional baggage

Troubling and traumatic events are a part of life. And with these negative experiences come all sorts of debilitating emotions like frustration, heartache, abandonment, anger, shame, guilt and depression.


Hear how Allison helped a client with a herniated disc

Allison was interviewed by Michelle Price on her Blog Talk Radio program. In the week before the interview, Allison worked on Michelle’s back pain. Listen to what Michelle has to say about her back during the interview.

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Since you worked on me, my life has changed for the better. I'm happier day to day, and I feel so at peace. And I'm amazed. Opportunities are just coming my way...

Angela, East Bay of San Francisco